Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sooooo Long...........

It has been so long since I have posted anything on here. As I mentioned before, blogging may not be my thing. Not at the moment right now. It seems difficult to blog being preggers and having a toddler running around.

Anyways, I have been up to sewing. Much of it........thank you. Seems like there is baby fever going on around here (must be in the water). I have been trying to keep up with gifts and such for my friends. However, as my skills get better, I want to do more intricate patterns etc, which takes more precious time. I also dont have a sewing room so every time I feel the need to be creative I have to haul it all out onto the kitchen table during nap time. Then, it usually sits there for way to long.

I have been taking a photography class at one of the colleges here in's so wonderful!! I actually get butterflies sitting there. I have always just wanted to take really great pictures, since I was a young girl. I never thought I would actually do it or ever be good at it. I am starting to not listen to that little negative voice. How funny that I would have thought I couldn't ever do something I really wanted to do! I think we all have that happen to us sometimes. The only problem with me is that, there are so many things I want to do and be really good at. I really need to pick and choose. I find that most artists, or people who are creative have that in common because there are so many mediums to choose from. People who are artsy usually are musically talented too. I have been playing the guitar again (I use to be somewhat good, not so much anymore) and the piano as well. Then the photography thing and quilting and I really like my house clean which has nothing to do with being artsy (besides decorating) but it is hard to sneak it all in there, ya know? What sort of things are you dreaming about doing........ ( I love comments!) Or what do you wish you had time for?

Here are a few pictures of some of my latest lovely's!

Pinwheel quilt (I had my VQB help me out with some of these!)

Another 2 I sold to a friend. I hope she like them.

For my new niece, baby Jewel. Love this one.

Banner for Owens room

A mini tag blanky (okay really bad color here)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

I couldn't be happier.

We had a little girl on January 3rd and named her Kate. I just love her name, it's short and sweet and not so common that there will be lots of others with her name. Look at her! I think she is pretty fabulous. Everything went great. Owen is taking to her really well too. He wasn't very impressed the first few days and let us know his predicament by yelling "No Baby".

My best-est friend made her this little hat. So talented, I know. This is the first one she has ever made too. I did the quilt she is laying on, more pictures to come. I sadly had to haul all of my fabric and sewing stuff down to the basement as I made up the nursery. It was so bitter sweet. I don't mind putting it all away though because honestly I know I just wont have the time to create for a long time now. I also had to drop one of my quilting bee's but I know it's all for good. I have this little bundle to carry around and am pretty excited about it all. We are done having babies now so I am soaking up every minute.

Having 2 is a totally different ballgame. I mean taking care of a newborn with a busy two year old climbing in the cupboards?........ya, it's busy. As for sleep? Not so much of that either. But, that's life. Babies need to eat.

I am hoping to be posting a bit more this year. I have a few projects I want to post and chat a bit more about life in general. I need to practice more with my camera, any tips? I know I just need to take it out more. Thanks for stopping by. Oh, and did I mention I love comments?

Nursery and a little Patchwork

I've been dying to sew, or do something crafty. I feel somewhat of an addict needing a fix, so being the case I have decided to upload some photo's of projects I completed before baby arrived and a few of our nursery. I just love the quilt I made for her crib. I'm pretty happy with it, and did some colors on the wall to match.

Willow tree - LOVE

Wall art - to match the quilt

Nicey Jane Quilt - One of my fav's

The lanterns have lights in them. It's so cozy at night

Time seems to be getting away on me at the moment so the patchwork pictures will have to wait. Next time.

Kindle Case

I bought myself a kindle for my birthday back in August and had been searching high and low for the perfect case for it. I ended up buying one off of Etsy from RogueTheory but it was more of a sleeve and not so much a case. I stumbled upon a pretty sweet tutorial on The Sometimes Crafters site and knew I wanted to make it. The patchwork was fabulous and I could really use up some scraps. I really haven't made anything other than quilts before so I was super impressed with myself and cannot wait till I have more time to do some non-quilty sewing. Here is a sneak peak at my new kindle case. Oh, and if you are interested you can find the tutorial here.

See? Cute hey? I wish it had a pocket for the book light and charger. Maybe I can desugn something small to match. Do you like?

Baby Kate

I haven't blogged in so long. I've been reading others blogs and skimming through beautiful photographs of people's pretty families. I thought I would take a few new pictures of my littlest one since she is growing up so fast. Here is my favorite of the bunch. Look at her eyes. They are so stunning. She makes me melt.

Life has been so good, and I realize everyday just how blessed I am. I never once pictured myself as a stay at home mother, let along a mom. Everyday for me is a challenge and I sometimes feel unqualified to have a family of my own. Especially seeing other moms in my family and my group of friends. God gives me grace every time I feel this way. When the days are long and tiring. I know however that the reward for the busyness is so worth it, that the effort I put in is far less than the greatness of the final product. When I am picking toys up off the floor (again) and haven't showered in days something happens that makes me appreciate this time. I know it will fly by and I will miss this time.

We visited my grandma yesterday. She is 90 something now and talking with her and the little ones she said exactly that. She remembers the days when her children were young and how fast it all goes by. She has so much time to go over it again and again in her mind, now that she is sitting alone in her room at a seniors home. She wanted me to soak it all in, enjoy the little moments. That is exactly what I want to do.

I love my family. My beautiful husband, my kids. They are everything to me. I am so gracious to have them in my life and to have changed the way I have changed. I thank God. This picture captures everything that I feel about little Kate. Her eyes make me melt and I realize why I was put on this planet. To be a mom, to nurture these little people and grow them up with all the wisdom I have.